DN Duct Solutions fabricates spiral round ductwork using the latest SMANCA standards. In following the latest SMACNA standards, we are able to manufacture a cost-effective spiral round product that will reduce the ductwork installation process significantly.

We have spiral round machines for pipes and fittings that allows us to complete an order of ductwork in the least amount of time. Our pipes are fabricated using the spiral lock seam and our fittings are fabricated using the gore lock seam for easy manufacturing. In addition, we fabricate our own angle flanges for an easier installation of the ductwork at the job site.

We produce both single wall and double wall ductwork. Our double wall spiral round ductwork is completed using a perforated or solid inner wall with nay thickness fiberglass or foam insulation. There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to the fabrication of spiral round ductwork. Ductwork will be welded if it is required based on SMACNA standards. All of the ductwork that leaves our facilities is assembled and delivered on a timely manner.